7 Strategies for Taking Your AP Tests

Student Taking AP Test

It’s AP Test Time. Achieving a good score on AP tests can not only help current Juniors withCollege Admissions next fall, current Seniors can use AP scores to test out of next year’scollege courses. So extra dedication to studying for these tests has many benefits. Here area few study tips: 1. Know the Format The […]

How Can Sophomores and Juniors Begin to Prep for College Admissions?

College Admissions Graduation

Many students think that the college process does not really begin until the junior year,but there are many things to think about as sophomore and a junior in order to be wellprepared for the college process.  As the end of the school year approaches, here aresome items to be sure you consider: Course Selection:  If […]

Should I Take A College Admission Test Like the ACT or SAT?

Student Taking ACT or SAT Test

The importance of a strong score is not a thing of the past. While test-blind schools do notrequire scores, they will take your test scores into account if submitted. Put your best footforward with a strong score. A Standardized Test helps colleges review applications. Admissions officers are, first and foremost, people. If they see two […]