ACT and SAT Scores Matter

Improved Test Scores Lead to Increased College Acceptance

Our individualized approach starts with each student’s previous/practice ACT or SAT score.

Analyzing results, we develop an individualized 8 – 14 week plan leading up to the actual test.

Working with the same tutor each session, success comes by continuing to pinpoint exactly what needs further clarification and focusing instruction on those needs.

During 30 hours of tutoring, our program covers test-taking skills, content, question interpretation, guessing strategy, time management, Algebra concepts, geometric reasoning, reading comprehension and grammar. We focus each session on review and mastery of what is expected on test day.

Why work to improve an ACT or SAT score?

The importance of a strong test score is not a thing of the past.
A high score will add to a strong application and improve acceptance results.

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