Student Taking ACT or SAT Test

The importance of a strong score is not a thing of the past. While test-blind schools do not
require scores, they will take your test scores into account if submitted. Put your best foot
forward with a strong score.

A Standardized Test helps colleges review applications.

Admissions officers are, first and foremost, people. If they see two students with similar
applications, but one has submitted high SAT or ACT scores, that strong score will get your
application noticed and moved to further consideration.

Test-optional colleges do look at your scores.

Test-optional doesn’t mean that they will not look at test scores if submitted.
It simply means you are not required to submit scores. But, submitting a strong score
corroborates your academic record and shows you can perform well under pressure and handle
rigor on all fronts.

GPA not that strong?

A strong score provides a good opportunity for students with less competitive GPAs to provide
a separate metric of academic performance.

Show me the money!

Higher test results may qualify you for merit scholarships.

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test prep tutors and proven prep program to make it happen.