How Can Sophomores and Juniors Begin to Prep for College Admissions?

College Admissions Graduation
College Admissions Graduation

Many students think that the college process does not really begin until the junior year,
but there are many things to think about as sophomore and a junior in order to be well
prepared for the college process.  As the end of the school year approaches, here are
some items to be sure you consider:

Course Selection: 

If you haven’t already, it will be time soon to speak with your
counselor regarding your courses for next year.  Seek guidance about continuing
one more course in an area of interest, pursuing an AP course, and being sure
that you are selecting courses that set you up to have a strong academic profile
for applying to college. Set up a meeting with your counselor early to avoid the
rush and have time to weigh your options.

College List: 

This is more important for juniors, but sophomores should begin
thinking along these lines.  Juniors should start to assemble a preliminary list of
schools to consider so you can research and possibly visit some schools of
interest. As the year continues and into the summer and fall, you will narrow
down your list.  

College Visits: 

If possible, it’s preferable to visit schools when they are in
session, but we all know that summer is a time when there is generally more
flexibility.  Visiting a campus is a great part of your research about a school –
sophomores and juniors can be visiting campuses at any point.  Consider
building college visits around summer vacation plans. Stopping by for even an
hour or two can help get a feel for the campus and surrounding area.


If you are taking an AP course, be sure you have registered to take the
AP test in May.  Also, it’s a good idea to consider taking the corresponding SAT
Subject Test in May or June – you will have already done extensive review with
the AP test, so this is a great time to take a Subject Test as well.  While many
schools won’t require Subject Test scores, it’s a good idea to take them just in
case. You can schedule time to review and prepare for the AP exams with a
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